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An Exploration of Genealogy and Family History

This site is a written exploration of my, Rebekah Adele Canada's, ancestors and their impact on the world both good and bad. It is also an exploration of my understanding of myself as a genealogist and a family historian.

When I was very young, I took up genealogy as a way to understand my living family. Now, looking back, I am assessing how much I have learned about them. For my 2023 project, I am working on the most recent 5 generations of my family tree. Much of that has taken place on occupied land. My tree includes enslavers and colonizers. There have been suicides and lynchings. I have found lives touched by alcoholism and child molestation.

I have discovered bankers, lawyers, farmers, and ministers. There are also many, especially women, who never had a chance at an occupation outside the home.

I will attempt to include the whole truth about all to the best of my knowledge. Where I am biased, I will work to be transparent about it.

Current Focus List

These profiles are being actively edited. Their information may change frequently.


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